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01 — To conduct a brand assessment of an already established textile brand and craft an updated brand strategy, in order to breathe new life into their brand vision. 
02  — To provide insight into the brand's consumer base by defining a clear picture of the MM target audience, allowing the brand to better capture the market and determine future product offerings. 


"As a textile designer, I sort to create a brand that would showcase and share with others the bountiful world of textiles that I have come to know and love. The name itself is a nod towards the beauty that can be created with a simple blend of fibres. Although our products may not be categorised as textile design, there is a close connection that I always aim to embed within our products. Whether hidden in the technique through which the product was made or evidently visible to the naked eye, there will always be a connection to the textile world.

Guided by our name, at Mia Melange we blend different styles, combine different colours and craft new designs, from the humblest of textile materials, to create a unique, eclectic and sort-after collection of homeware and accessories that embrace simplicity and tactility at their heart.

Carefully designed and produced in small quantities, we believe in quality over quantity paying attention to every detail. As each product is crafted by hand no two pieces will be identical, all with their perfect imperfections. Although we deliver exclusivity of design, we value accessibility and strive to create our products with the consumer in mind."


'Crafting tactile luxury.' 


"For those seeking well-formed homeware and accessories made from natural materials, Mia Melange offers an array of unique, high-quality pieces, created sustainably, that embrace simple form and embody the bountiful world of textiles."


To find out more about the Mia Melange brand and browse their range of handcrafted designs view their website.


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