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Simply Granola / Brand Development


- for the bon vivant at heart -



01 — To craft solid brand foundations and compose 'the voice' behind a health conscious and aesthetically driven local granola brand.


Simply Granola was created out a love for all things healthy and wholesome and a whole lot of it. I believe that each day should be celebrated with an active start, splattered with the occasional sleep in - whether fast paced or slightly slower - no morning should go by without a seriously rockin’ granola.

The heart behind Simply Granola is simple yet sumptuous. I have used a conscious selection of good-for-you ingredients that promise greatness with every mouthful.

Produced with heart and delivered with care, Simply Granola is dedicated to the bon vivant at heart, seeking an everyday indulgence while embracing a conscious lifestyle.

' Simply put, it’s a way of life; the good life.'


Find out more about the Simply Granola brand and get your hands on a bag of your own on their website.


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