Jayne Brand Atelier

The Morely Sisters / Brand Development and Styling


- Bespoke Make-Up Artistry -



01 — To develop the foundations and strategic brand elements of a high-end, luxurious Make-up Artistry Duo based in Stellenbosch.
02 — To envision the creative direction, and provide on-the-day styling, for a two day shoot that would produce visuals in line with the brand's identity and personality to be featured on their website and other social media platforms.


"Having been paired together & known as The Morley Sisters for most of our lives - by our teachers, our friends & family - it seemed only fitting that on deciding to venture into business together we simply made this sisterly duo official. 

Always being very close, even with a five year age gap, we dreamt of working together one day. Here is where our mutual love for all things make-up came into play.

Through establishing our own unique & quirky, yet luxurious & high-end style, together we have come to offer a powerhouse make-up service like no other. As a bespoke make-up artistry service, we strive to use only the best and most luxurious products on our clients, & as a team provide our unique take on make-up trends & styles, pairing our perspectives to create original & high-end looks.

Offering our clientele our personal sense of taste in make-up, style, aesthetics & relational dynamics that steps away from the 'run-of-the-mill', generic make-up style that is often limiting. Working together in this way allows us to give our clients the attention they deserve, as well as cater for larger events or wedding needs. Above all, in working with us, you will experience the comfort and ease created by our sisterly duo dynamic."


‘Bespoke make-up artistry by two make-up-loving sisters.'



Below you can enjoy a compilation of images captured on the day

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Photography / Pritti |   Venue / Babylonstoren and Sugar Bird Manor  |  Brand Developement /  Jayne Brand Atelier  |  Brand Identity Design / She Is Visual